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If you are a company looking for investment to enable growth of your business…

…or an investor looking for opportunities to increase your rate of return, you have come to the right place.

Our name was inspired from the 18th century nautical practice of copper plating the hulls of tea clippers. This ingenious innovation was developed to streamline the tea clippers, stopping algae from sticking to the hull and in the process making them faster through the ocean. In turn, this meant the clippers were more productive and ultimately more profitable.

Essentially, this is the service we offer to companies and investors. A smooth, streamlined link between businesses ready for growth and investors keen to increase profits and the return on investment.

Looking For Investment

Our team knows your pain! Why? Well, simply put, because between us, we have been there, seen it happen and even written the book that guides others through the business development process.

Finding the right investor and the right level of investment is usually a minefield. How much equity to part with? What amount of money? It shouldn’t be a finger in the air exercise or a distress decision. Instead, take advice from experienced business people who live and breathe these decisions and reap the rewards so that you can benefit too.

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Looking To Invest

When companies approach us for investment we team them up with one of our partners that understands their product/service and market place. This approach gives us the background knowledge and information to determine whether they fit your criteria for investment.

Copper Bottom will perform the upfront review, due diligence will commence, only then do we offer them up as a potential investment opportunity for your consideration, saving time and money.

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Meet The Founding Partners

Terry Hewett-grey

Terry Hewett

A keen sportsman, now on the spectator side, Terry is a master networker, entrepreneur and owner of several businesses. With a background in publishing, media and marketing Terry has built an impressive array of businesses and exited profitably numerous times.

Mark Robinson-grey

Mark Robinson

During the 20 years Mark served as a Director on the boards of private businesses and companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. Mark is recognised with numerous awards for his collegiate approach to leadership, and his focus is on identifying opportunities and enabling dramatic corporate expansion.

Lloyd Amsdon-grey

Lloyd Amsdon

Lloyd has spent the last 20 years developing Web based applications & businesses, and is the founder of Europe’s largest preowned watch retailer. Lloyd’s featured in the Sunday Times Fastest growing 100 companies in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and in 2017 The Sunday Times top 100 companies with the fastest growing profits.

Peter Boulton-grey

Peter Boulton FIoD

With a track record of pan-European business development Peter has driven through full merger and acquisition activities, realising significant value for owners, directors and stakeholders. A visionary businessman, you only need to read his book ‘Thinking Profit’ to realise the positive impact he can have on your business.

Speak to a member of the team today 08456 437 497